GAMLITE IT is a technology company with a strong focus on infrastructure asset management.
We provide a comprehensive suite of services ranging from engineering and technology consulting, all the way to data collection and advanced analytics, system implementation and technology transfer in order to empower our clients to make better decisions.


To be the leading Infrastructure Asset Management and Geospatial Solutions Provider in Asia. But more importantly, we want to be our clients’ most trusted technology partner, integral to their success.


Relentlessly pursue the latest and most-effective technologies, and continuously innovate to deliver best-value solutions that satisfy the needs and concerns of our clients.


Total devotion to professionalism and technical excellence.


Established in the Year 2005 as a custom enterprise software developer, we have since evolved into a complete infrastructure asset management solutions provider. Our main services include capturing data using our state-of-the-art data collection and survey equipments, applying appropriate data processing and sound analysis, and developing and integrating cost-effective information management system designed to help maximise the economic life and value of infrastructure assets, monitor asset performance and optimize maintenance budgets to achieve lowest whole lifecycle costs. Our end-to-end solutions are data-driven and are highly flexible to tailor to our clients’ needs.
We are a corporate member of the Institute of Asset Management (UK) and we work closely with specialist consultants and industry leaders from all over the world to continuously deliver the best strategies and practices in infrastructure asset management to our valued clients. With a dedicated team of passionate professionals, we bring our collective experience in software development, condition assessment, advanced data analytics and system implementation to every engagement.
We are committed to provide insightful, reliable decision-making tools for our clients to meet their evolving needs and drive long-term sustainable success.