Road Condition & Inventory Data Collection Services
We have built up extensive survey experience and are capable of delivering accurate, reliable and timely data in accordance with international standards. Whether you need a large-scale network-level survey, or a local project-level ride quality test, our trained survey operators are well-equipped to collect accurate and timely data in both urban and rural environments.
Pavement Strength Evaluation & Analysis Services
Pavement strength testing services are carried out with our Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD), which is a non-destructive testing device that provides data on the bearing capacity of road and airport pavements. This allows for accurate and rapid measurement of pavement deflection under loads. The data collected can assist in applications such as pavement overlay design, pavement condition analysis and estimation of pavement remaining life etc.
Skid Resistance Testing Services
We undertake pavement skid resistance testing with our GripTester, which is the most widely used and recognised surface friction tester in the world. This can help to identify areas of poor surface frictions before road hazards occur, and also assist in determining maintenance priorities and improving transport safety. In addition, we carry out skid resistance testing for road markings with our British Pendulum Tester in accordance to international standards to ensure that they meet the skid resistance performance criteria set by road authorities.
Retroreflectivity Measuring Services
We measure the retroreflectivity, or night-time visibility, of pavement markings and traffic signs with our portable retroreflectometers. This data provides quality assurance and quality control of new pavement marking and traffic sign installations, as well as helps to monitor these critical assets for end-of-service life purposes.