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GAMLITE IT is a technology company  with a strong focus on infrastructure asset management

GAMLITE IT is a technology company with a strong focus on infrastructure asset management. We provide a comprehensive suite of services ranging from engineering and technology consultancy, to data collection and advanced analytics, all the way to system implementation and technology transfer, in order to empower our clients to make better decisions.

Established in the year 2005 as a custom enterprise software developer, we have since evolved into a complete infrastructure asset management solutions provider. Our main services include capturing data using our state-of-the-art data collection and survey equipment, applying appropriate data processing and sound analysis, and developing and integrating cost-effective information management systems designed to help maximise the economic life and value of infrastructure assets, monitor asset performance, and optimise maintenance budgets to achieve lowest whole lifecycle costs. Our end-to-end solutions are data-driven and are highly flexible to tailor to our clients’ needs. 


Gamlite IT is an efficacious fusion of creative minds, diverse strengths, energetic people, innovative technology and an environment that nurtures continuous growth and expansion of the mind, knowledge, and skills. Gamlite’s inception in 2005 sets in motion its engagement in a series of projects with dominance in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), infrastructural asset life-cycle optimisation, 3D visualisation, and analytics of infrastructural assets.
Gamlite continues to enjoy a steady growth and has found its niche in the technological milieu of sustainable asset management and preservation by the employment of smart solutions and the use of advanced analytics. We have made headway in introducing innovative solutions for our customers by forging strategic alliances with technology partners across the globe and adopting best practices prescribed by industry leaders. 


The crucible of our continued success is our culture of transforming every challenge into an opportunity in defining the qualities of resilience, aptitude, and mantle of each member of the organisation.

Setting our sights on staying au courant with our products and offerings, we have been resolute in our research and development efforts to continuously reinvent ourselves to introduce novel and smart solutions with contemporary designs and germane technology, developed either in-house or espoused from our technological partners across the globe.

At Gamlite, we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional results in every project undertaken. 


A Bumiputra Software Company with MSC status.
Established since year 2004.
15 years of experience with Asset Management Technologies.

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