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Other services that we can help you with such as smart streetlighting solutions, smart water solutions, public safety solutions,
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Smart Street Lighting Management Solution (SSMS) combines Streetlight Asset Management with IOT-based street light and sensors to provide an end-to-end solution for the operations, maintenance, real-time monitoring and control of streetlight assets.
The IOT Sensors and controllers installed at the individual street light assets and its performance. The technology goes beyond the capabilities of turning on/off streetlights, configuring light intensity according to a schedule or event triggers. Electrical parameters such as energy consumption and defects detected by sensors in real time allows the system to automatically detect and flag anomalies followed by notifications sent to the asset management team through mobile applications, email, SMS messaging and Application Programming Interface (API) integration.
Asset management team can respond to the anomalies by analyzing the information collected by the sensors at the comfort of their offices prior to performing inspection and if necessary to carry out maintenance to the defective street light asset at site.



Water and wastewater utilities are looking into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to converge multiple parts of their assets so that they can manage them holistically and shift from traditional to smart infrastructure. The smart water grid solution has been an effective tool for asset managers, driven by demand for smart solutions such as monitoring of water quality index, water quantity index, implementation of smart water metres, smart online water sensors, water flows visualization, and smart non-revenue water (NRW) leak control. Our unified solution for urban water management makes use of cutting-edge technologies that help effective and efficient water management.



Intelligence and information sharing: Participation of digital citizens enhances public safety and infrastructure deterioration prevention. We employ technology such as intelligent and automated networks, two-way digital communications, and IoT data to protect the owner from disaster, respond to their concerns, and decrease the impact of natural disasters. We work with governmental and private agencies, as well as other critical infrastructure owners, to prevent impact and improve reaction time. Our mission-critical solutions connect various technologies and asset owners responsible for their assets, allowing them to interact more efficiently before a need for urgency and during an emergency with preventive, detection, reaction, and recovery phases.

Mission Critical Infrastructure Evaluation: We know technology can help mitigate the risks, ensuring mission-critical infrastructure is kept running and society can continue to function in the most urgent time. Over the years, we have implemented innovative solutions with many game-changing features and functionalities to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions, enabling users to turn asset reliability into a strategic differentiator.

Situational Awareness: In a fast-paced and mobile workplace, rapid access to the most up-to-date information and intelligence, as well as decision support tools to filter the most significant information, is critical. Comprehensive Situational Awareness Information and Visualization among all stakeholders involved is a critical component of successful operation or crisis management.
We have been able to provide solid information and visualisation to stakeholders due to our versatility and use of ready-to-use, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and innovative tools such as: Underground and Dimensional Geospatial Visualization (3D), Satellite and Airborne Remote Sensing Solutions (LiDar), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (ROV), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Traffic Simulation, and Statistical Decision Support Systems (Performance Based Evaluation). 

AM Consultancy


Combining our expertise in UAV technology and IOT solutions we provide precise and rapid solutions for Flood mapping, monitoring & Analysis (FMMA) at existing or potential flood prone. Aerial photography with a combination of 3D thematic provides our user with a near real visualization of the existing and/or potential flood-affected area. Utilizing IOT technology we are able to provides real-time data and insight to the command center to be aware of the existing or potential flooding concerns flood-prone area, minimizing potential damage thru an early warning system for the communities.


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