Provides services that allow organisations to work more efficiently in maximising productivity by providing stable and reliable systems and network environments with minimal downtime.

At Gamlite IT, we have a team of IT engineers who specialise in the design and implementation of IT related infrastructure.


Our services range from supplying to implementing hardware, software, and network resources which are required in the operation and management of any enterprise IT environment.


Operations continuity is paramount for any company, and we at Gamlite IT understand this and strive to provide preventive maintenance services to help you maintain your IT related hardware and software and prevent the occurrence of unplanned downtime and unexpected hardware or software failure from happening.

Besides providing support, we also provide hosting consultancy services to our customers in helping them establish an online presence to reach out to an even greater set of prospect customers.


A Bumiputra Software Company with MSC status.
Established since year 2004.
15 years of experience with Asset Management Technologies.

Our Locations
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Penang

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